10 Pranks Internet Pulled On Its Citizens – Last One Is Epic

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Another financial year has started and just like last year, brands used April fool's day as a platform to show their creativity. Here are 10 Pranks that made to our list and deserve applause for their thoughtfulness and effort:

10. Samsung launches Internet of Things Pants!

Samsung launched a new pair of pants that are connected with the WiFi to lock the fridge if your tummy goes beyond limit. No more food for couch potatoes I guess.

9. Duolingo's new pillow technology

Duolingo launched a new pillow that will teach you a new language when you sleep. You can now learn how to speak French overnight.


8. Sony launches proton pack

This was for fans of the movie franchise Ghost Busters. Sony launched a proton pack so you can now bust ghosts for fun and profit.

7. New Netflix original

Netflix is on a role with its originals like Daredevil, House of cards and Orange is the New Black. They totally owned the fans when they announced another original – John Stamos: A Human, Being.

6. Oxford dictionary has new words

Oxford dictionary added some new words to its dictionary and they were LOYO (laughing on your own), Obamacar (a scheme where every American gets a free car).


5. Gmail introduces Mic Drop

Thousands of employees across the world thought they lost their jobs when Google introduced the Mic Drop feature. Next to the send button was a new button – Mic Drop which means having the last word. This prank had users send an animated GIF minion dropping a mic to end a mail chain. Google later released a quick apology and took the prank off the minions!


4. Deadpool now on VHS & Laserdisc

Fans can't get enough of the merc with a mouth and to oblige them, Deadpool once again breaks the fourth wall to announce his movie in VHS and Laserdisc format. We are totally going to buy it mate.

3. Google delivers an Axe by parachute – their new delivery network

Every year Google comes up with something that ges to put a smile on our faces and this year was no different. The search engine giant has launched a new deliver model – parachutes and to demonstrate its effectiveness, they actually delivered an axe. Go check out the video and come right back for more.


2. Mark Zuckerberg clothing line

The founder of Facebook is known for owning a wardrobe that has nothing but grey t-shirts. Why? Because it saves time and effort which translates into hundreds of man hours during the lifetime! So H&M collaborated with the social media baron to launch LookBook, his own line of clothing. Check it out below



1. Virgin America's new logo unveiled by Richard Branson

Virgin America unveiled its new logo which looks like – boobs. The logo was unveiled by the design team and Sir Richard Branson himself. The sketches and drawings are hilarious and you will fall in love with the pigeons all over again! We know he is not an ordinary businessmen but this time we get to see his labor love.


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