2 Policemen & 22 Protesters Killed In UP Clashes

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Javed Ahmed is the DGP of UP police and in a public statement, he has revealed that 2 policemen and as many as 22 protesters got killed in the Mathura district. The clashes broke out on Thursday evening and according to Ahmed, firing by encroachers was unprovoked.

The unfortunate event took place at the Jawanbagh area of Mathura where the encroachers started the fight by pelting stones and attacking policemen with lathis in an attempt to carry out a recce and eviction. Unfortunately, in the fight that ensued, Mukul Drivedi, the SP of the city and one station officer were killed. Around 11 protesters were killed in a fire which was started by them. Several explosions were heard as the agitators set fire to some gas cylinders which started the fire. 23 policemen have been hospitalized after the riot. 

DGP Ahmed gave the following statement:

We have recovered 47 guns, six rifles and 178 hand grenades from the area," he said, adding "124 people have been arrested for creating disturbances. Another 196, including 116 women, have been arrested under 151 CrPC.

"Ram Vriksh Yadav, Chandan Bose, Girish Yadav and Rakesh Gupta are the main culprits and leaders of this group and if alive they will be caught by the police,"

The cause of the riot is believed to be the Allahbad High Court's decision to evict illegal occupants from Jawaharbagh, they are believed to be with Swadheen Bharat Subhash Sena (SBSS). The police reached the said location to do their job and instead of co-operating, they decided to take a tougher stand leading to a clash and eventually riot. The activists are said to be armed with automatic rifles as well as hand grenades.

Incidentally the encroachers are calling themselves Satyagrahis, however it seems that instead of following Gandhi's way of non-violence, they chose the dark side. UP CM has set up an inquiry committee on the matter asking for a report. The entire area in currently under police control and spreads upto 280 acres.

There demands range from starting their own currency namely the Azad Hind Fauj, diesel should be sold at Rs. 1 for 60 litres and petrol at Rs. 1 for 40 rupees, the CM and PM  can go back home cause they want their positions to be cancelled. A little over the board, don't you guys think?

The whole fiasco is going to cost SP (Samajwadi party) a lot of trouble since the elections are going to take place next year and they are already being criticized for the state of lawlessness in the state.

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