5 IITs In India That Support LGBT Community

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Summer is upon us and students all over the country are preparing to get back to schools and colleges. Much has been said and done about the LGBT community with countless protests and candle march, but the situation of the LGBT community is no better than it was a decade ago except for the fact that there is more awareness about the issue than ever before. But that hasn't helped the community secure equal rights with section 377 still prevalent across the country. The section was introduced back in 1870 during the British rule. 

But there is some relief. There are some colleges in India that openly accept and embrace LGBT community members. Here is a small and concise list of them.

IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay is perhaps one of the most active groups in the country when it comes to the LGBT community. The whole institute is very supportive of the community and they have an active Facebook group. This is their official email id. Saathi, the group also organises talks, events, debates and publish videos on Youtube to spread the word.

IIT Kharagpur

Ambar is another LGBT support community, this time from IIT Kharagpur. Ambar has gone a step ahead and hosted Queer Film Festivals on the issue. You can contact them here.

If you believe we are misinformed or that we have miss something, please write to us. Thank you.

IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee has a group called Queer and Gender Advancement Alliance Roorkee (QAGAAR) and their tagline is “Come join us as we stand on the verge of a promising future”. This is their official Facebook page.

IIT Gandhinagar

IIT Gandhinagar has an active support community called Orenda who is working hard to achieve an equal status for everyone no matter what their identity is. Here is their gmail id and and Facebook page.

IIT Delhi

Indradhanu is a gender diversity support group that is supported by the students of ITI Delhi. They are constantly trying to create a positive environment around the LGBT community. You can connect with them at their Facebook Page and their contact form page.

Apart from the above mentioned IITs, there are two other leading colleges in India that have active LGBT support community and groups within their campus. They are:

Tagore International School - Delhi

Tagore International School is situated in Delhi. They have an active support group called Breaking Barriers that support the LGBT community. Regular events and talks are held by the group to spread awareness and discuss social issues. Here is the email id.

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) - Delhi

JNU has been in the headlines for sometime now for all the wrong reasons but there is a good side to it too. Dhanak, an active group within the campus regularly hold talks, events, debates and more to share relevant information, spread awareness and help those who are in need. Here is there official email id.

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