50,000 Taxis Go Off Road In Delhi Increasing Traffic Woes

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-05-01 13:45:00.0Category:  Awareness
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As the odd even days come to end, Delhites are yet againfacing public transport woes, this time due to a Supreme Court ruling that madeit mandatory for diesel run cabs to convert to CNG.

Over 50 thousands cabs are expected to go off road fromtoday because they have failed to follow the guidelines in time and are stillrunning on diesel fuel. The effect will be seen in the entire Delhi-NCR region.There were repeated pleas to extend the deadline but the apex court remainedfirm on its decision.

This is just another step that the government has taken toreduce the impact of vehicles on pollution and making Delhi more breathable. Itis not surprising though that the government is acting so tough, Delhi istopping the WHO (World Health Organization) list of most polluted air city.

Another decision that took the region by surprise was theruling that banned all cars with 2000 cc or more. The city however retaliatedto this in a different fashion. Instead opting for more public modes of transportation,the automakers saw and reported a marked increase in the number of smallercars. Delhites are now buying cars that run on smaller engine.

Taxi drivers were asking to extend the rule pleading thatthey are burdened with financial problems and that it would be difficult forthem to make the change on such short notice. To this, SC responded with the followingofficial statement:

In 1998, the SC ruled:

commercial passenger vehicles must runon CNG. Why did you buy diesel cars? We can’t keep extending deadlines

Trying to cite a loophole of sorts, several car makers saidthat their cars are Euro-IV emission compliant, however the apex body appointedbench pointed out the Volkswagen scandal and how they have failed the trust ofboth the government as well as the consumers.

As an incentive for commercial CNG vehicles, the bench onSaturday exempted them from paying environment compensation cess at toll boothsbefore entering Delhi.


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