6 Qualities Of A Superboss

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Ralph Lauren, Larry Ellison, Julian Robertson, Jay Chiat, Bill Walsh, George Lucas, Bob Noyce, Lorne Michaels, and Mary Kay Ash belong to a category of superbosses. According to Harvard Business Review, superbosses share a number of key personality traits. They tend to be extremely confident, competitive, and imaginative. But they also share the similarities in the “people strategies” that superbosses employed. These leaders follow specific practices in hiring and honing talent—practices that the rest of us can study and incorporate into our own repertoires.

1) Unconventional Hiring:

Superbosses begin by seeking out unusually gifted people—individuals who are capable not merely of driving a business forward but of rewriting the very definition of success.

2) Focus on intelligence, creativity, and flexibility.

Superbosses value these three attributes above all others. Bill Sanders before leading property companies would brag about bringing in so many people who were “four times smarter” than he was. He would insist that if you weren’t going to hire someone great, you shouldn’t hire anyone at all.

3) Superbosses begin by seeking out unusually gifted people.

Superbosses want people who can approach problems from new angles, handle surprises, learn quickly, and excel in any position.

4) Find unlikely winners.

Superbosses consider credentials, but they’re also willing to take chances on people who lack industry experience or even college degrees. According to Marty Staff, who worked for Ralph Lauren before becoming CEO of Hugo Boss USA, Lauren once made a runway model the head of women’s design “for no other reason than she seemed to get it—she got the clothes.” When Ralph Lauren met with job candidates, for example, he would ask them to explain what they were wearing and why.

5) Adapt the job or organization to fit the talent.

Superbosses opportunistically tailor jobs and sometimes even their organizations to new hires.

6) Accept churn.

Smart, creative, flexible people tend to have fast-paced careers. Superbosses understand that the quality of talent on their teams matters more than stability, and they regard turnover as an opportunity to find fresh stars.

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