8 Simple Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer!

By: Nikita Manot, 2016-04-14 16:30:00.0Category:  Others
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This scorching heat is killing one and all. The ever increasing temperatures leaves us irritated and troubled.

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Here are some easy home remedies to beat the summer heat this season: 

1.Stay hydrated throughout the day. Intake a lot of fluids such as water,juices,coconut water,etc.

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2.Binge on those Ice-Creams. Eat food items such as yogurt, watermelon,etc that keep your stomach cool this hot summer season.

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3.Apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. Whenever in direct contact with the sun,try covering as much skin as possible.

4.Dress smart.Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes. Wear lose summery clothes instead.This will help reduce the sweating.

5.Take long cold showers few times a day.

6.Eat light and try avoiding fried food altogether.

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7.Keep the windows open at night.

8.Soak your legs in cold water.It helps cool down the body. 

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