A Blind Photographer And His Vision About Life

By: Nikita Manot, 2016-04-12 03:30:00.0Category:  Personalities
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Have you ever imagined a life with without sight? How will you survive? How will you complete your day to day chores? Seems like an impossible task,doesn't it? 

Well here's the story of a blind photographer who shot an ad film with Katrina Kaif for Lux. 


Bhavesh Patel was born blind but that didn't stop him from doing what he believed in. He truly believes that beauty can be felt by all and he went ahead to prove his point by being a successful photographer. He proved to the world that if you have the determination nothing can ever stop you. Bhavesh has been working with 'Blind With Camera' an organization that teaches photography to the visually impaired people. Since childhood Bhavesh enjoyed clicking pictures. He uses other senses such as touch,smell,sound to click pictures. A humble person with an honest smile Bhavesh was recently a part of the event TedX Juhu in Mumbai.The audience welcomed him with a standing ovation.He shared his story with the audience and blushed about his experience with Katrina. Apart from photography Bhavesh also works as a software tester. He was paid in accordance with industry standards for the ad film with Katrina.


Bhavesh has made an independent place for himself in today's fast paced world. This young man is truly an inspiration. So go ahead believe in yourself and live your dreams.

Image Source: Youtube. 

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