A Green Arrow For Delhi's 10 Headed Demon

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With the Diwali celebrations over the weekend, Delhiites have found themselves shrouded once again the all-too-familiar shroud of noxious fumes and allergens. Along with the retreat of monsoons and the festivities, the respite from clean air seems to be over for some time to come. Increasingly anxious marketers of firecrackers and fireworks have backed their sales with increasing claims of less smoke and less pollution but it hasn't seem to mitigate the eternal problem of a hazy autumn. Many have restrained but have been partially successful , some have resorted to only lighting diya's and lanterns, yet, clear skies and lungs seem sometime away.

Although with improved awareness and campaigns by the govt., NGOs, celebrities there have been small measures of success but as endemic is the problem of pollution, it hasn't largely helped. Environmental groups have been in constant advocacy of observing smokeless festivals but have been defeated by voices of religious and cultural sentiments.

With time the practice has been to use less of crackers as kids are tutored on the ill effects of pollution, some have argued for planting more trees and improving greenery in and around the city. As more agencies and individuals have taken up the cause for reducing pollution in the tri-city region, more practices have been tried out, one of which being planting trees in the localities by inviting people to put forward the cost in planting samplings as organisations such as WePlantforYou. For the price of a  couple of movie tickets or a box of sweets, one can get a plant professionally planted in a given area and also gift it to mark an occasion.

Festivities would come and go, but pollution would continue to be a ten headed demon as long as we do not actively negate it with vital steps, planting trees would not only help solve the pollution issue but also give us much needed shade during summers and better ecological balance with more diversity in birds and flowers. With every new tree planted we take a step in a cleaner, greener future, one where our next generation and us as a retired generation would reap.

Modern India has come a long way in certain aspects, as of today, globally; the Indian consumer stands tall in confidence and capability to spend, with increasing proclivity to spend on lifestyle and extra amenities. Increasingly, as awareness about our declining  quality of life increases, especially in urban spaces, we need to assess how and where can we spend our money and time to improve our prospects of healthier cities. Initiatives such as weplantforyou.com offer the ease of planting trees by ordering and paying a sum as low as Rs. 300 in your area with a GPS tag, planting photos, themes for special occasion , option to share it on social media ,the planting is taken care of by a team that follow through with the order from selecting a sampling with minimum 5 feet height to planting it in a given area nearest to you.

Pollution has proven itself an endemic issue in every region of the world but with Delhi competing in the top 5 and the government bodies promising action, it would be a matter of setting an example on part of the proactive citizens of a rich and culturally diverse city to make its own spaces liveable and lovable once again.

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