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A group of Codavas (Coorgis) headed by Shri N.U. Nachappa Codava, President Codava National Council (CNC), will hold a peaceful satyagraha at Jantar Mantar on 01 November 2016, from 10.30 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. to create consciousness and urge the Government for their long standing demand for union territory, tribal status and autonomous region, as elaborated below.


Brief Background and Demands

We demand a permanent political package to what was formerly Coorg (Kodagu) State, including autonomy to this region inhabited by Codavas under the 6th Schedule of our Constitution. We also demand Tribal status to Codavas race under articles 340 – 342 of our Constitution. Even though Codavas are historically known to be a Martial Class in despite numbering a meager 1 ½ lakhs population, large numbers of Codavas in the Armed Forces have defended the country and done it proud. No other class of people would be affected or jeoparadized if we are granted Tribal status. Codava Thakk / Codava Language, as ancient as human civilization is rich and should to be included in the 8th schedule of our Constitution. We cite Manorama Year Book 2015 (page 680)  which mentions 16 popular languages of our Country, including Codava language to strengthen our claim.


We remind the Govt about the inclusion of Jain Community as religious minority, Jats being granted OBC Rajasthan state granted Tribal status to violent Gujjars and a pact with National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN (I-M)) granting Naga people with a “shared sovereignty”. At par with Anglo Indians under Article 331, Exclusive Codava nominated representation in the Parliament and State Assembly should be given under article 331 of our Constitution.


Protect our Land tenure under article 371 of our Constitution: (Inner Line Permit) The provisions of article 371 of our Constitution with inner line permit should be made applicable to Kodagu region as done in Manipur and other North Eastern states, for protecting our land from alienation and protecting our demography. An important factor is that large number of underworld dons/miscreants/ hardened criminals/anti-national elements etc with the active support and assistance from Hawala agencies and fake currency racketeers have been grabbing lands in the this District. For protecting lands in the district and the interest of the natives the promulgation of a stringent law within Coorg is warranted.     

Devati Paramb was where approximately 60 thousand unarmed Codavas were masssacred by ruthless Tipu Sultan and his rapacious soldiers. After 3 continuous invasions Tipu Sultan was defeated by Codava warriors. He then conspired to eliminate the entire Codava martial race, cunningly invited them for a grand feast on the pretext of entering a friendly treaty with Codavas at Devati Paramb on 13 December 1785. All the proposals placed by CNC for making Devati Parambu a National Monument are being hijacked.

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