Airtel Blocking HTTP Requests To IP Randomly, 1000s Affected

By: Ash, 2016-04-13 17:31:00.0Category:  Issues & Concerns
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Thousands of Airtel users were left cold in the dark when the telecom regulator started blocking HTTP requests to the URLs resulting in a access denied page. The IP address in question is

The error page page is displaying both for mobile and broadband users leading to all sorts of Internet related problems. Users have been complaining about not being able to access websites and surf the web. Several tech savvy people thinking that something went wrong on their end ended up wasting several hours trying to fix the issue. A lot of users are still unaware of the real problem and who to contact with respect to the issue without knowing that who is the real culprit of load errors

Perhaps the tech and IT companies relying on the broadband provider are hit the most. A lot of resources in the form of man hours would have been wasted trying to find the root cause of the issue as emails and other forms of communication stopped working.

Thankfully at Hocalwire, we rely on two different ISP for our needs as this provides us with a backup. While Airtel stopped working, Vodafone came to the rescue. We found out that our website is not loading on Airtel devices in various parts of Delhi/NCR regions as some of our users pointed out.

There is still no official word from Airtel on the matter. Maybe they are working on something internally which resulted in this error. Hope Airtel will resolve this issue and come up with a solution and a statement soon.

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