Amazon Yoda Sends A Light Saber To A Young Jedi, For Free

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-04-19 05:30:00.0Category:  Exemplar
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Last year when Star Wars 7 hit the theatres, Rudra, a five year old fan of the franchise wanted to buy a light saber. His father suggested him to save money which he did. What happened next will blow your mind away.

Rudra saved Rs. 1006 all in coins and asked his father whether Amazon will accept cash on delivery and accept that much money in coins? His father said that he could not possibly change that many coins for notes. So he asked his son to write a letter to Amazon and ask them instead cause who else can answer this question better than them. Rudra, excited about his light saber obediently writes a letter.

Only Amazon responded in the most amazing way possible. They sent Rudra his hand written letter back along with the light saber completely free. The free gift was received by Rudra on the eve of Bengali New Year. 

Banani Sarkar Joshi, the boy's father says that the response of the eCommerce giant blew us away. He shared the pics of the light saber and his son in his facebook post. Isn't it cute? Check out the new young Jedi. Amazonian Yoda is so cool.

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