Amma Takes The Oath And Fulfills Her Promises

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On Monday morning, thousands of people lined the streets with posters and flowers as Jayaram Jayalalitha drove to Madras University, the venue of the oath-taking ceremony in Chennai . Jayaram Jayalalitha, cordially knowns as Amma, has sworn in as the chief minister of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and has already begun her new term by announcing curbs on alcohol sales. The authorities ordered 500 government-run liquor shops to shut down and also reduced the store timings. Jayalalitha had promised to gradually ban the sale and consumption of alcohol in the state. Within hours of taking oath, the new chief minister approved several government orders to fulfil some of the promises she had made in her election:

  • All students in government-run schools to get free breakfast
  • All newly-married women to get eight grams of gold to make traditional jewellery - earlier, the limit was four grams
  • 500 government-run liquor shops to shut down and store timings reduced by two hours
  • Crop loans of farmers to be waived off
  • 100 units of free power for domestic electricity consumers

Amma has been sworn-in for the sixth time as the state's chief minister. Twenty-six ministers also took oath on Monday with Ms Jayalalitha. Jayalalitha has been a leading figure in south Indian politics for three decades.  During a press conference last week, she had hailed her party's win as a major achievement. "After 1984, no ruling party in the state has been able to win an election and form the government for a successive term," she said. Her party won 134 seats, while the DMK secured 98 to become the main opposition in the assembly.

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