Another IITian Ends Life In Kota, Time To Quit The Rat Race?

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A 17 year old IItian girl committed suicide in Kota eventhough she had cleared her exams. This is the fifth such incident recorded inKota this year alone. Krithi Tripathi left a suicide note before she decided toend her life by jumping off the fifth floor of her apartment.

Not satisfied with the exam results, Krithi, a class 12thstudent apologized to her parents saying that she was not interested in pursuing engineering, but wanted to become an astrophysicist. The cut off markwas 100 and Krithi had scored 144 which according to coaching officials gaveher a very good chance at cracking IIT.

Students at Kota are forced to study for upto 18 hours aday. Most of the students are unable to cope up with the sudden change inschedule and the mounting pressure from both sides – parents and professors. Allthe tension and stress leads them to depression and many decide to end theirlife. They see it as a homecoming.

Around 1.6 lakh students visit Kota every year aspiring tocrack exams and become the next big thing. Every parent wants their sons anddaughters to clear exams and score a job with an MNC. It is a typical exampleof a rat race gone wrong. Everyone participates in the race, but not everyonecan come first. But parents are not ready to listen and the coaching factorykeeps on running. Those who cannot keep up are left behind to fight depression, stress and low self esteem.

IIT aluminis command a salary of Rs. 1.5-2 crores. Most studentswho are studying here dreaming about IIT and MNCs are living with bareessentials on loans. There are no refund policies.

Psychologist Dr ML Agarwal in Jawaharnagar, Kota noted in aninterview to ToI that he recently took two young boys who were suffering fromacute depression. It took several sessions before their mental balance could berestored. Their parents had asked to return home only after they cracked IIT.

Students areconstantly feeling the pressure of under-performing and letting their parentsdown. Parents have these high hopes as they start talking in the society abouthow their kids are preparing for IIT and how proud they are. But when they failto perform, parents pressure them by not allowing them to come back. Studentshave little option with either continuing on the path that was chosen for them,or ending it altogether.

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