Another Minor Raped In Delhi, So When Does It Stops?

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-05-26 04:45:00.0Category:  Crime
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In what is becoming a daily dose of shocking headline, another minor was raped in the rape capital of India, Delhi and was left to die on the railway tracks. Delhi CM Kejriwal is set to meet her family. The girl was 13 years old.

After she was brutally raped and beaten, she was left for dying at the Pul Prahalad Pur railway tracks in New Delhi. Here is the million dollar question - when does it stops and why the police and the government is so ineffective in stopping these rapes that only seem to be increasing in count by the day?

The minor was an orphan and mentally challenged and she was found in a bad situation on May 25th. She is now fighting for her life and rights at the AIIMS hospital in Delhi. One suspect is said to be arrested. The victim was stabbed in the stomach before she was dumped. Cops have registered a case of rape and attempted murder against the chief suspect. Cops are under suspicion that others are also involved in the matter.

In an official statement, the girl said that she was repeatedly raped in the bushes until she fell unconscious. Meanwhile, the Delhi Commission for Women has issued a notice to the Pul Prahladpur police station seeking to know why it did not inform the DCW about the rape of the 13-year-old girl.

Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal met the girl at AIIMS and said: "The girl has been brutally raped and we are suspecting it to be a case of gang-rape. She is mentally challenged. She has severe injuries on her body. She has undergone a major surgery and according to doctors it will take her at least four months to recover. Her condition as of now is critical.”

Rape cases in India are on the rise it seems and the police are helpless. There are also several horror stories reported where the police refused to register a case and when they did register, they did it grudgingly under pressure. In such a situation, the whole belief system of the citizens is moved. How can you trust those who are entrusted to protect you when they refuse to even look into the matter and give it their best shot? Every now and then we see the anger of the spilling out in the form of agitations, candle march and dharnas. Once in a blue moon, a victim gets justice and the world continues to spin. Everyone goes back to their work, after all how long can you fight? Everyone has their own problems and people need to work.

This is a matter of national shame.

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