Emergence of Citizen Journalism fit for the Digital World

Up until very recently, traditional journalism was more passive than active. Citizens were supposed to consume news through various outlets made available to them via media houses like newspapers, magazines, radio and so on. There was little if no participation on part of us, the citizens. With the advent of technology came a new breed of reporters, citizen journalists.

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Introduction to Hocalwire and why it pays to be a Hocalist

In our last post, we saw how citizens are changing the face of journalism with help of mobile technology. How citizens were raising issues, sharing opinions and breaking stories with the help of internet, technology and social media. Why social media is still not there yet? Social media is great for sharing pictures and sharing updates on what is happening in and around your life, but it was never intended to be used as a platform to break stories and consume news. This offers its own set of challenges. Like the fact that apart from news stories, you are also greeted with a lot of unwanted updates from friends and families, advertisements, concealed promoted content and then some more updates.

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