Introduction to Hocalwire and why it pays to be a Hocalist

2016-03-10 00:00:00.0 By: Hocalwire

In our last post, we saw how citizens are changing the face of journalism with help of mobile technology. How citizens were raising issues, sharing opinions and breaking stories with the help of internet, technology and social media.

Why social media is still not there yet? Social media is great for sharing pictures and sharing updates on what is happening in and around your life, but it was never intended to be used as a platform to break stories and consume news. This offers its own set of challenges. Like the fact that apart from news stories, you are also greeted with a lot of unwanted updates from friends and families, advertisements, concealed promoted content and then some more updates.

What we need is a dedicated platform which is built for the specific purpose of allowing concerned and responsible citizens like freelance journalists, reporters and bloggers to break stories on a platform with the help of photographs, videos and content.

Inception of Hocalwire

Hocalwire was conceptualized by three dynamic individuals from different fields and skillset but with one idea – the idea to allow citizens the opportunity to share factual stories that is not being covered by the mainstream media. 

This is where Hocalwire comes in – to fill the void. We wanted to create a platform that would make it dead simple for our fellow citizens to report on their surroundings. With the advent of technology, the young and dynamic generation of today is more than equipped to bring about a change. 

After several sessions of brainstorming and a lot of mistakes, we have finally arrived on the scene. The first thing you need to do is download our Android app from the playstore and create a new user id. Now you are ready to join our proud community of Hocalists. Whenever you see something happening that you believe is worth sharing or something that people should know about, collect information, understand what has happened and who was responsible, click clear pictures or videos and upload the content to our app with the location where the incident took place. We will do the rest.

Content curation

This is how we differ from the traditional social media websites. There is a lot of noise on these websites with people sharing random stuff all day long. You are not in a position to find what you are looking for because there is no filter and no one is curating content for you. This is not how social media works.

Hocalwire on the other hand being a platform dedicated to citizen journalism have a team of editors who carefully monitor the incoming stories and decide which ones are worth sharing. This way you, the reader, get what you are looking for minus all the noise. Looking for a story in your location? You can simply select the location on our built-in interactive map.

Looking for morning news in your city? You can select stories based on city. Interested in events? Choose the appropriate category. This makes both reporting and reading stories a joy for contributors and readers alike.


Our platform consists of freelancer journalists, photo bloggers, people involved in photo journalism looking to earn using photography and everyday ordinary citizens like us. But why share on Hocalwire? Why take the effort?

By taking effort, you are doing your bit for the society – the society you and me are part of, where we live and make a livelihood. And if that is not a reason good enough for you then we have more! 

For every accepted story that you share on our platform, you will earn monetary compensation, rewards in the form of PayTM balance. We will credit your account anywhere from Rs. 50 to 1000 depending on the nature, impact and credibility of the story. This is our way of saying thank you.


Assignments are like small projects where we ask our readers and followers (hocalist) to take the effort and cover a story or an event for us. Whenever there is an assignment in your city, you will see a notification with details, reward and necessary details to help you cover it.

For example, there is a handicraft fest that is taking place at the India Exposition Mart that we need you to cover. So you will see the location on the map, details of the event and tasks that you need to complete in order to claim your reward. Tasks are simple activities like participating in the event, taking enough photos or videos of the event, collecting information like who was the organizer and how many participated in the event. Tasks are very simple and the more you complete, the more chance your story has of being approved. 

Interesting stats

Ever since Hocalwire went live (which has been only 5 months), we have seen more than 9000 installs of our app (Android and iOS combined). Over 1500 people have reported around 3200 stories and events that happened around them. This is just the beginning and we hope as we grow together as a community, we will only see more people joining this initiative.  

Challenges ahead:

With this small feat that we were able to pull off in a relatively small period of time, we faced a number of challenges and I am not even talking about design, interface and technology related stuff. Those were there but the biggest challenge for us was to educate our contributors (we fondly call them hocalists – citizen journalists) to adopt some of the journalistic standards.

People are used to sharing random pictures and content on social media websites because that is what they are for. But when we are talking about journalism, there are standards to be meet and pattern to be followed. This took a lot of time, careful planning and proper execution and we are still not fully there. 

But it is the enthusiasm and the willingness to learn and adapt that matters more than anything else. Hocalists have shown great level of patience and perseverance when delivering stories that were worth a mention. We admire them for their efforts and hope more people will join in this movement. This is time for Hocalism – Journalism 2.0.

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