Brother Murdered His Sister During A Family Quarrel

By: Natasha Mahesh, 2016-03-02 03:30:00.0Category:  Crime
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In Shahbad Dairy, the brother got fed up with the family fights and killed his elder sister by cutting her neck. The girl was misbehaving with her parents. The dead person is identified as Vandana and the brother was identified as Umesh. In a family fight, the sister was behaving badly with her parents so in anger the brother murdered her. The police said that the main reason for murder is not known although the property dispute can't be ruled out. The 25-year-old Vandana was working in a private firm and the brother was doing his BA through correspondence. The accused Umesh said that he got angry at his sister's misbehavior and he killed her by slitting her neck. The Police said they received a call telling a girl was found unconscious, but they reached Vandana's house she was found dead. By looking at Vandana's neck it was clear that the girl was murdered by using some sharp object. When they asked the neighbors they got to know that the girl was living alone in the ground floor of the house and used to cook her own food. In the first floor the parents and the girl used to live. When police investigated the brother confessed to his crime.

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