Burglars Try To Loot An ATM At Najafgarh Road

By: Deepa, 2016-03-07 10:45:00.0Category:  Crime
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The gang of burglars, brandishing toy pistols, tried to loot an ATM in southwest Delhi's Bindapur on Saturday night. But two of them were chased and caught by police while trying to steal its CCTV camera after failing to get enough money out of the ATM. Police are looking for the third burglar. The gang had barged into the ATM kiosk of a private bank on Najafgarh Road and used the toy pistols to threaten the elderly guard. Two of them tied him up while the third one broke the ATM and removed Rs 32,000 kept in the tray for rejected notes. They then tried to remove the cash box but failed due to the automatic locking system.One of them stood on a chair to remove the CCTV camera but a police team patrolling the area reached the spot. Hearing the sirens, the men ran out of the kiosk but instead of fleeing, they tried to fire at the policemen from their toy pistol. The cops then started chasing them and caught two. The patrol team informed the police station following which a team reached the spot and the guard was rescued. The burglars seemed to be unaware of the locking mechanism and got frustrated when they found only a few thousands in the tray. Police are suspecting involvement of a gang which has previously tried to burgle ATMs in the area.

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