Cervical Spondylosis Treated In Arogya Bhavanam Clinic

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Arogya Bhwanam, an Ayurvedic Clinic in Safdarjung Enclave is giving treatment for Cervical spondylosis. Cervical spondylosis is a term used for age related wear and tear affecting the bones (vertebrae), joints and discs of the neck (cervical spine).Usually occurs in men and women older than 40 and progresses with age. Men usually develop it in earlier age than women. With the increase of age discs gradually breakdown and become stiffer as a result of which body reacts and develops bony growths (osteophytes). These osteophytes put pressure on the on the spinal nerve roots or spinal cord resulting in pain. Allopathic treatments include neck brace, anti-inflammatory medication, neck traction, bed rest, and cortisone injections. In some cases, surgery is necessary to remove bone and disc tissue. Ayurveda provide a very effective treatment in cervical spondylosis. Even we can avoid surgery by regular ayurvedic treatments and medications. Treatment includes a combination of panchakarma and kerala special treatments like abyanga (ayurvedic massage), Jambeera pinda sweda (pottali massage with lemon),Nasya, Greevavasthi, Sirovasthi, sirodhara etc. Treatments may vary according to the condition of the patient, chronicity of disease etc. These treatments help to prevent the further progress of disease, improves the movement of the neck, reduce the swelling, stiffness, pain and other associated symptoms of cervical spondylosis.For more details contact Arogya Bhavanam clinic ( 011-26714071).

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