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Total Yoga Raising Funds For 10 VIDYA Students

S Block, Garden Estate, DLF Phase 3 : Total Yoga planning to raise funds to support the scholarship of 10 VIDYA students. It would be great if we could have a thank you card for each person who does the Surya Namaskar and donates Rs 500/- for VIDYA.

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Samsung India Introduces Make For India Campaign

Pune, Maharashtra : Trust Research Advisory conducted a recent survey under which Samsung was chosen as the most trusted brand in India. To celebrate the victory, Samsung has launched a new campaign called Make in India where a range of products are available for as low as Rs. 1.

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      Where And How Pakistan Is Storing Nuclear Weapons According To US Scientists

      New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaPakistan has a nuclear stockpile of between 130 and 140 nuclear warheads, according to a group of American scientists, whose tally is partially based on close scrutiny of satellite images and matches other recent estimates. Their report also reiterates that in violation of the US' guidelines, Pakistan has converted its F-16 fighter jets for use with nuclear weapons. In addition to this, "French-produced Mirage aircraft are widely assumed to be equipped to deliver the Raad air-launched cruise missile.''


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      First Traditional Art Entrepreneurship Summit Held At NDIM

      New Delhi:The first Traditional Art Entrepreneurship Summit (TAES) organised by MITHILAsmita, a Madhubani Painting Social Enterprise, and New Delhi Institute of Management, in collaboration with ZUYD University Netherlands to strengthen the artisan sector in India on the 14th of January, 2017 in New Delhi.