Delhi: 1 Lakh Driving Licences Seized, Violations Down

By: Rupina, 2016-03-22 07:30:00.0Category:  Awareness
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Licences of more than 100,000 drivers were seized between December 15 and March 1 for traffic violations in Delhi, where five people die in road accidents every day. The traffic police say the special drive -- ordered by the Supreme Court -- has made the Capital?s road safer as violations have dropped by 30% in the last two months. Seized licences are suspended for at least three months. The drive is still on. According to the data collected, licences of 42,854 drivers were suspended for jumping traffic lights. Around 32,000 were penalised for speeding and 25,998 for driving drunk. With 1,500 vehicles added every day Seized licences are suspended for at least three months. Delhi has the highest number of vehicles for a city in India. As many as 1, 620 people were killed on its notoriously congested and unsafe roads last year. Alarmed over rising fatalities across the country, the Supreme Court late last year asked states to suspend licences for speeding, drink driving or using phone while at the wheel. Drivers will have to go to court to get their licences back. To make the country?s roads safer, the centre has proposed stringent penalties and steep fines in the road transport and safety bill for traffic offences including suspension of licence. In addtion, the road transport ministry has sought states? feedback on proposals including a R3-lakh fine and not less than seven years in jail for causing the death of a child and a R1-lakh fine for driving an unregistered vehicle. The cabinet will have to clear the bill for it to be tabled in Parliament.

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