Delhi Man, Twin Sons Arrested For 19 Robberies In City

By: Natasha Mahesh, 2016-03-27 06:00:00.0Category:  Crime
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The Kalasipalya police have arrested a gang of four, including a man and his two sons, who were allegedly involved in over 19 robbery cases in the city. The leader of the gang Dharmalingam (47) is from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, but settled in Delhi. He had contested municipal body elections unsuccessfully four years ago. G.S. Anil Kumar, inspector at Kalasipalya police station, said that Dharmalingam has an export business in Bengaluru. He used to come to the city often and stay in lodges. His modus operandi was to depute his associates, including his twin sons and five neighbours in Delhi, to keep a watch on banks and jewellery shops and follow people carrying cash and valuables. One victim was T.A. Nagraj, a city-based shopkeeper. They diverted his attention when he was returning to his shop after purchasing 6 kg of silver trophies, worth Rs. 2.28 lakh, on February 24. The gang diverted his attention at Corporation Circle stating that his car tyre was deflated. When Mr. Nagraj got down to check, the gang grabbed the valuables. The Kalasipalya police who were probing the incident came across a robbery reported in Ashok Nagar on the same day using a similar modus operandi. The police examined CCTV footage and found a car moving suspiciously in both the incidents. Using image enhancement software they found out the registration number and traced the car. The gang had submitted fake documents to purchase the car, but gave photocopies of a PAN card in Delhi. Armed with this information, a police team went to Delhi. They managed to nab Dharmalingam and his sons Ashok Kumar and Arun Kumar, along with their neighbour Michael (24). The police recovered 640 gm of gold valuables worth Rs. 24 lakh, 1 kg of silver articles, a country-made pistol with several rounds of ammunition and the car used by them. However, four other suspects managed to escape

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