Delhiite Riding Cycle And Horses To Avoid Odd Even Effect

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So you are up in the morning getting late for office and you are not sure whether today is odd or even day? It doesn't matter any more cause your ride needs no number plate. Delhites choose cycles and horses over horsepower and many are doing it quite enthusiastically too.

While several Delhites have taken up the challenge in a quite positive way, there are others who are using these new found modes of transportation as a means to protest against the AAP government. BJP MP Ram Prasad Sharma was seen today riding horse to the parliament to protest against the Odd Even rule that is currently in its second phase.

 ”We want to appeal to the Delhi Government to either provide us vehicles or exempt us from the odd-even scheme. We are performing a constitutional duty,” 

”The people, who have crores of money, can only afford to have two cars. We haven’t been provided with anything. Either you (the Delhi Government) exempt us or stop this lunatic move,”

Mr. Sharma was not the only BJP leader who is protesting against the Odd Even rule. BJP MP Manoj Tiwari was seen arriving at the parliament in a cycle looking very exhausted. 

”I am following the odd-even rule. My car is even numbered and since today is odd day, I have come like this…I am not saying that this should become a tradition, but those who are interested can come like this,”

While some BJP leaders were protesting against the rule by following it, BJP MP Vijay Goel who was once fined for deliberately breaking the OD  Even rule was seen arriving to the parliament with stickers on his car that showed his opposition to the rule. A lot of MPs are asking for public transport and buses to ferry them to and from the offices, the AAP government responded with special AC buses but the same was received poorly by the leaders. 

The Odd Even rule is currently in its second phase and there are talks going on to make it mandatory for 15 days every month. There is a raging debate going on with some experts claiming that it is having a positive impact on the air pollution while others claiming it to be a propaganda for cheap publicity.

Whether or not it is having some effect on the pollution maybe debatable, but is clearly evident that the roads are less congested than ever before and public transport services have seen some increase their business.

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