Disappointed BPTP Buyers Start An Online Petition

By: Pritish Aggarwal, 2016-05-01 10:30:00.0Category:  Issues & Concerns
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BPTP has taken money from people and started Project Park Serene, Sector 37D, Gurgaon in 2008 within 3 years we had to do the payments according to the construction plan. Till 2011 they have taken 95% of the payment from everyone. Since then, there has been no construction done and it’s still pending. BPTP promised to give possession of the flat latest by mid-2012.  Whatever you expect from a social society is not there. They have also not given an occupational certificate. Even without that they are offering buyers to go and stay in the building which buyers have denied. They are also denying compensation for the delay in construction. We have filed a case which is still in court. At least 400 customers have booked the flats and made 95% of the payment like me, of which 300 are defence officers. Now BPTP has escalated the price and demanding more money instead of adjusting money for the delay caused by them. BPTP charged 18% interest from the Buyer for any delay in payment. In addition, the company charged additionally on multiple occasions. The society is not habitable and does not have even the basic amenities. The story has already been covered in news channels last year and the builders had promised to give their flats in 30 days. But their promises were still unfulfilled. They have written letters to Chief Minister of Haryana, CMO and PMO. The buyers are operating a Facebook page called 'BPTP Serene Park Dissapointed Buyers'.

A twitter campaign and a petition has gone live at change.org today regarding this issue. 83-year-old retired Commodore Indra Deveshvar, wrote a moving letter in change.org about his dream to stay in his own home may not come true and he feels like he is fighting a tougher war in his own country. He mentioned that the case is in court since 3 years and the buyers are eagerly waiting for an outcome. 

The following action has been taken by the BPTP buyers:

  • Petition on change.org.
  • Twitter campaign is under #BPTPमायाजाल.
  • A Facebook page created by the BPTP buyers called the 'BPTP Serene Park Disapointed Buyers'

Video published n April 12 2016 shows the protest held by the BPTP Buyers. And the images shown above are the protests sparked again regarding BPTP scam on April 24 2016.


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