Earthquake In Delhi: 6.8 Magnitude Quake Rocks North India

By: Natasha Mahesh, 2016-04-10 12:30:00.0Category:  Awareness
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A powerful 6.8 magnitude quake has rocked northern part of India including Chandigarh, Kashmir and other areas in region. The quake has hit Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. The tremors continued for at least 4-5 minutes -  the initial tremor felt was at 4.01 pm. The entire area in North India including Kashmir, Leh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh have been shaken. The Delhi Metro had stopped its services due to the heavy intensity of the earthquake. The Metro authorities say that according to a pre-arranged plan, train services are stopped for 2 minutes and thereafter, when the services resume, train speed is reduced considerably. People across these areas rushed out of their homes in panic. At the moment no reports of casualties in any country or damage to property has been reported.According to Reuters, the earthquake was centered around Chitral in Pakistan at a depth of 210 km (130 miles). The epicenter of the earthquake was in Tectonic region called Hindukush mountain range in Afghanistan – the quake happened at 280 km depth. People in Lahore who were 630 km from the epicentre, also reported they had felt the tremors. A witness in Chitral said the tremor was strong but there was no major causalities. The Hindu Kush area bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan is a seismically active area, with quakes often felt across the region.  

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