Everything We Know About OnePlus 3 So Far

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OnePlus has been making inroads in the mobile segment somuch so that the mobile has now officially become a household name. Theflagship killer is now preparing to launch the next iteration of its flagshipkiller – OnePlus 3. Chinese manufacturers like OnePlus, Xiaomi are known tofollow the invite only formula where new devices are available for sale tothose who are invited to it.

This way the companies are able to manage the demand andsupply chain as limited number of customers is able to buy the product. The priceof its last year's flagship product OnePlus 2 has been reduced to just $349 whichis a steal at this price. Talking about the reduction in price, the Chinesegiant wrote –

“The invite system helped get the OnePlus 2 off the ground,and now thanks to both timing and scale, our operations have sized up to theGoldilocks principle of just right. So, why not let our fans join us incelebrating the fruits of our labor? The OnePlus 2 now has a price modificationof $349, forever. If you’ve ever needed to give a friend another reason to joinTeam OnePlus, here you go.”

OnePlus 3 Specs

The OnePlus 3 is scheduled to launch sometime in the late Q2which comes to June 2016, hardly two months away. Here are the specs rundown:

  • ·        Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor
  • ·        4 / 6 GB RAM
  • ·        64 GB storage
  • ·        16 MP camera with 8 MP front snapper
  • ·        NFC
  • ·        1920 x 1080 5" screen with 5 finger gesturesupport
  • ·        Adreno 530
  • ·        Gorilla glass 4
  • ·        Android Marshmallow

There are talks doing the rounds that the new OnePlus 3 willcome in three different screen sizes – 5, 5.2 and 5.5 inches giving users moreoptions than ever before. All the three sizes have been leaked in the GeekBenchbenchmark reports.

Even though the company is pretty open about itsdevelopmental labs and share info with its legion of fans on its forums as wellas social media, MobileDad and TimesNews was able to get hands on its exterior designs and chassis before thecompany was ready to deliver the punch line.

From the image it seems that the company is moving away fromits tradition of offering replaceable back panels in wood and Kevlar formats. Thistime around they are moving in for a unibody brushed metal body. The front ofthe screen fails to show a home button with a finger print scanner which leadsus to believe that the finger print scanner will be built in beneath the screenitself. That would be a cool feature to have and also give more space for thescreen.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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