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Activist From Manipur Wins A Global Award

Portland, Oregon : Urmila Chauhan loves the color red and all women do, but she loves it for a different reason altogether. A social activist who was recently awarded the Voices of our Future Award by World Pulse, an international NGO, Urmila loves the color red cause it reminds her of blood.

Breaking The Silence Campaign Gain Momentum With World Pulse

Shipra Mall, Indirapuram : Breaking the Silence is a global campaign that is slowly gaining momentum in India. The goals and objectives of the campaign is to end superstitions and myths about menstruation cycles, and spread knowledge and awareness about a better, healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

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International Yoga Day: Another Indian To Enter Guinness

Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu : Indians are known to be Yoga aficionados with several legendary Yoga teachers to have born in the last century alone. The birthplace of Yoga and as the world celebrates World Yoga Day, Indian are busy setting records.

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5 IITs In India That Support LGBT Community

IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal : Summer is upon us and students all over the country are preparing to get back to schools and colleges. Much has been said and done about the LGBT community with countless protests and candle march, but the situation of the LGBT community is no better than it was a decade ago.

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      Honest Constable Sets An Example, Returns Rs. 8 Lakh Back

      Railway Station, New Delhi:The reputation of our Indian police officers are often associated with corruption and bribery. But not all men are made from the same cloth. A UP constable named Meena returned a bag full of cash which he found on the Rajdhani Express setting an example for others to follow.

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      Having A Baby? Dr. Rakh Will Not Charge If Its A Girl Child

      Pune, Maharashtra:A Pune based doctor has set an example for others to follow by not charging his fees for delivering a girl child. Dr. Ganesh Rakh launched Mulgi Vachva Abhiyaan in the year 2012 which translates into Save The Girl Child. Other doctors are now following suit.