Google Working With Idea To Bring Carrier Billing In India

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-05-06 15:45:00.0Category:  Developments
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The behemoth of the internet has recently struck a deal with Idea cellular to bring the facility of carrier  billing in India. The service is active now and idea users will now get the option to pay for their Google app purchases via their monthly carrier billing.

What this means for the user?

For users this essentially means that whenever you are paying for Google products and services like Google Books, Google Apps, Google Music or Movies, the charges will be added to your phone bill. This means you do not need to pay for these services and products immediately thereby giving you some time to arrange for funds.

The service is available for both prepaid and postpaid users. For postpaid users, the charges will be added to their monthly billing cycle, and for prepaid users the charges will be deducted from their prepaid balance. Another benefit of this arrangement that not everyone is talking about is that users will no longer have to use their credit cards to make payments for these services. Due to all the frauds and security issues of using mobile apps and internet, users are not very comfortable with the idea of sharing their credit card details online. 

This new strategy will help Google see more sales and revenue in the coming months, however it is also to be noted here that Idea is not the only player in the market, nor the biggest. The industry is still divided with Vodafone, Airtel and BSNL with considerable market share. Still this is a good move and should help Google test the waters before going for more strategic partnerships.

Google has officially announced that they are going to charge a convenience charge of Rs. 1.5 on a 10 rupee purchase. That comes to around 15% which can add up quickly, but it is known that charges usually tend to reduce in the long term as companies see more profit, more robust user base and more ways to make money from their user base like advertisements, indirect promotion of third party products and so on. It will be interesting to how it turns out.

via - NDTV

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