Having A Baby? Dr. Rakh Will Not Charge If Its A Girl Child

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A Pune based doctor has set an example for others to follow by not charging his fees for delivering a girl child. Dr. Ganesh Rakh launched Mulgi Vachva Abhiyaan in the year 2012 which translates into Save The Girl Child. Other doctors are now following suit.

Dr. Ganesh Rakh says that he was motivated after he went through the Census of 2011 which said that the sex ratio was alarmingly low at 914 females for every 1000 males. Being a gynaecologist, Ganesh Rakh decided to do his bit for the society. He runs a small 25 bed Medicare General and Maternity Hospital in Hadapsar, Pune. Dr. Rakh says that families in India celebrate more when there is a male child as he is seen as an asset that will take the family forward while the girl is sometimes seen as a liability. The anxiety and the pressure on the mother to-be is often so much that they suffer from higher blood pressure and anxiety levels. Dr. Rakh saw this during his time in the Hadapsar area. The birth of a girl child was not celebrated the way the birth of a boy child was celebrated. Most times, the celebrations were altogether missing.

Dr. launched Save The Girl Child campaign and since then, his hospital has stopped charging patients when a girl child is delivered. This helps the family save anywhere between Rs. 10,000-25,000 depending on the type of operation that was performed. Dr. Rakh calls his efforts as "tiny contribution" .

“Female infanticide is rampant because regressive social norms are not only anti-women but anti-girl child as well. As a medical professional, I have seen the torture that a mother goes through when she comes to know that she has delivered a girl,” - Dr. Rakh

Other doctors from nearby villages and districts have joined the save girl child campaign and are supporting the initiative. As many as 18 Panchayats have vowed to protect girl children and stop sexual discrimination against them. More than 3000 doctors have joined the campaign and are actively supporting his cause. Families are now being counselled to help them understand the value of girl child and stop them from abortions and abandoning them. 

“I want to change attitudes – of people, of doctors. The day people start celebrating a daughter’s birth, I’ll start charging my fee again,” he says.

We need more people like Dr. Rakh to help us narrow down the difference between the sex ratio and make sure that the next generation understands and values the fairer sex. 

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