Honest Constable Sets An Example, Returns Rs. 8 Lakh Back

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-05-28 06:00:00.0Category:  Exemplar
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The reputation of our Indian police officers are often associated with corruption and bribery. But not all men are made from the same cloth. A UP constable named Meena returned a bag full of cash which he found on the Rajdhani Express setting an example for others to follow.

Constable Meena will take two years to make that much money based on his current payscale, but he is an honest policemen.  When a UP man left his bag full of cash to the tune of Rs. 8 Lakhs, Meena decided to file a complaint and make sure that the bag is returned to its original owner. Rameshchand Meena works for the Railway Police Force and he was doing his morning routine check at around 08:15 hours when he found the bag abandoned on the upper berth of A-3 compartment. 

He promptly called the coach's attendant to ask if he knew to whom the bag belonged. He was clueless. Meena opened the bag to check its content and found bundles of notes. He quickly took the bag to the Lost Parcel Office where the bag was returned to Mohammad Ikram who was grateful and thankful to the RPF. Meena was awarded Rs 1000 as cash prize for his honesty by the Divisional Railway Manager Mukul Jain of Western Railway.

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