How To Book Your IRCTC Tickets Faster

By: Natasha Mahesh, 2016-04-19 12:45:00.0Category:  Awareness
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Hate booking train tickets on the IRCTC website? Here are some tips that will help you book your train tickets faster.

  1. Prefer Mozilla Firefox over Google Chrome.

  2. Race against time: Log into your IRCTC account by around 09:55 AM IRCTC Time ( the time will be displayed in the IRCTC website). Keep your session alive till 9:58. Then proceed to "Plan My Travel" Page. Fill in the journey details, choose quota as Tatkal. And the moment the IRCTC clock ticks 10:00, click submit.

  3. The IRCTC Magic Autofill is a free tool that improves your chances of booking a train ticket on the IRCTC website. It auto-fills the passenger reservation travel form thus saving you a few minutes during the rush hours thus increasing your chance of securing a train ticket. Check out this website to learn how to use Magic Autofill:

  4. Don’t fill the complete station name, rather enter station code.

  5. Do NOT Refresh: There is a common misconception that you are not supposed to use Refresh or back button during the ticket reservation process. This is partially true. You may use the Refresh button UNTIL the payment page of IRCTC. Till then, using a refresh button would save you some time, if you encounter "Service unavailable" or "Connection timed out" error. But once you enter the payment phase, don't even think about going anywhere near the refresh or back button.

  6. For AC classes, try booking in 2A (second AC) first. For most of the routes, 2A gets filled less quickly than 3A inspite of lesser berths.    


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