Kerala Liquor Ban May Lead To A Thriving Black Market

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-05-07 14:00:00.0Category:  Developments
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It all started with the UDF that has promised to ban alcohol completely within a period of 10  years provided they are voted back in power by the citizens of the state. The one thing that we learned from the alcohol ban in Gujarat by the Modi government is that ban only leads to a thriving black market. The one thing that people can't seem to stop doing is the thing that is not in their best interests. 

The first thing that we get the itch to do is the thing that everyone says we shouldn't. There is this strange pleasure that we humans get by breaking rules and indulging in vices. On the inside, we are like that stubborn kid that is hell bent on doing that one thing that his mother keeps telling him to not do. Sure this is politics and promises are meant to be broken or so they say. We don't know for sure whether the UDF is going to stay true on its promise or how hard it might get to implement the new policy, but even if they did, they just might fail in their efforts. The ban is only going to result into a thriving underworld of black marketing. People will find ways to get what they want. Bribes will be exchanged, laws will be broken, secret apartments and hideouts will pop up, shady guys will walk the streets and well, you know what we are talking about right?

The citizens get to choose sides on May 16th, the day on which the voting will begin, campaigns are going on in full swing and the new liquor policy is the buzz word. Oommen Chandy is leading the campaign on Congress's behalf promising the new liquor ban that will eradicate the hard drinks in the state completely within a span of ten years. 

LDF on the other hand seems to be unclear about its final stand on the matter. They started off with a statement that made it clear that they are going to ban liquor, but at a later stage they came off saying that abstinence is a better option that prohibition. New school curriculum will be introduced to teach students the side effects of consuming alcohol, the age limit will be revised from 21 to 23 and an awareness campaign will be launched. Education will lead to awareness which should encourage a lot of students to walk the path of abstinence. But all this will happen only if they win the elections. Their new policy will also lead to a phase wise reduction in the overall supply of liquor. 

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