Leopard Caught On Camera Breaking Into A House

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-04-26 16:00:00.0Category:  Issues & Concerns

All hell broke lose when a leopard was caught on camera breaking into a residential house in Agra. A team of police was sent to the scene with NGO’s Wildlife SOS and forest department trying to contain it.

The incident took place in Sureshnagar area where more than 4000 people gathered to witness the havoc. It is surprising that so many citizens gathered because leopards are dangerous and wild cats. Someone could have gotten hurt. A lot of people came onto their roofs trying to get a better view of the situation.

Meanwhile the forest department along with police party were busy hunting down the poor wild cat who must have been confused with all the commotion. Surprisingly there was a four hour delay, yes four hour delay before the operation actually started due to administrative problems. This is actually sad that paperwork was considered more important than saving public life and property. This actually says a lot about the judicial system of the country.

Khushid Ali, a lawyer by profession was the man in whose house the leopard had entered. In an interview to ToI, he confessed hurting his shoulder when trying to lock the door of the room where the leopard was hiding. He also added that he reported the incident to the local police station but no one came to the rescue before 2 and a half hours. The leopard is still lose in the area and nets have been set up to catch him off guarded.

Via - ANI

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