Mamata Banerjee To Chat Live On Facebook Before Elections

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-04-12 13:00:00.0Category:  Personalities
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Catching on with her social media fans and followers, a new image on the Facebook Wall of the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee announces the arrival of Didi in  a live chat session. The event will go live at 8:30 pm IST tomorrow on Wednesday. 

This is the first time Mamata Banerjee will take questions from fans and others on a public platform. Election season almost here and the recent fall of the Kolkatta Flyover might have been the reason behind this new bold move. The announcements goes like this:

"Didi is coming online !" the announcement on her Facebook wall said. "Get ready for the first ever live Facebook chat with Mamata Banerjee herself."

The AMA (Ask Me Anything) style conversations can also go horribly wrong as some previous celebrities and politicians have had experienced with. It will be interseting to see how she handles the appreciation of her fans and the wraith of the social media. The post has received over 13,600 likes and shared around 2000 times at the time of writing this story.

Several issues will be raised like the recent collapse of bridge and the scandal it created, deterioating state of industrialization in the state for so long and the general state of living of the common man in the state.

The AMA will only last for 30 minutes however there is a possibility of an hour long session as noted by some sources @NDTV. Several fans showed their love and respect for their leader by commenting -

Roy Neel: there may be disputes but as a supporter of tmc and didi......we are expecting her to be a superwomen and brings bengal to world map...she has done lot for human the next 5 yrs will be for agriculture and food processing industry........only for didi fans how many likes...

Some others took the opportunity to criticize her and her party - 

Anupam Maity: sheer characterless woman. what she says never done and vice versa , CPM is leftist but mamata is extreme fake leftist . she done nothing for WB , and will not going to do anything. bring BJP , only solution................


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