Man Kills Lover By Smashing Her Head Against Pavement

By: Pranitha, 2016-03-10 02:38:27.0Category:  Crime
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A 32-year-old HDFC manager killed his girlfriend Punya Sagar by repeatedly smashing her head against a footpath after she threatened to reveal the affair to his wife. Naveen Kumar was arrested on Monday, four days after the incident in outer Delhi,s Mongolpuri area. The 28 year old victim was an executive with HDFC Life Insurance, did not know that Kumar, her boss, was married and a father, the police said. When she found out, she threatened to show up at his house and tell his wife about the affair. Kumar took Sagar out for a drive on March 3 on the pretext of 'settling' the matter and killed her. After smashing her head against the footpath, Kumar took Sagar to hospital and told the doctors she had met with an accident. Sagar was admitted in the ICU, where she slipped into a coma and later succumbed to her injuries. The crime was witnessed by two passers-by, Siddharth Sharma and Surender Rana, who called the police.

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