Man Kills Second Wife After She Couldn't Bear A Child

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A 27-year-old man allegedly smothered his wife to death and tried to pass it off as a case of suicide. The incident was reported from South-east Delhi’s Taimur Nagar on Thursday.The police initially made a case of suicide, but after the postmortem report concluded smothering to be the cause of death, a case of murder was registered and Kapil Sharma was arrested. Further investigation revealed that Kapil had earlier served seven years in prison for torturing and murdering his first wife for dowry. After he was released, he married Parvati and shifted to Taimur Nagar.According to the police, Kapil first thrashed Parvati Sharma, smothered her and then strangled her using the chord of an electric iron. He then left the body on the bed and fifteen minutes later, raised a false alarm. “He started howling and gathered the locals. He told them that his wife committed suicide while he had gone out to buy sweets for Holi. The body was then taken for a postmortem examination and an inquiry into the matter was initiated,” a senior police officer said. The police started to suspect Kapil’s involvement in the case after a team visited his house and found no evidence that would corroborate his statement. The husband stated that Parvati hung herself from the ceiling fan but there were multiple injuries and ligature marks on her body. When asked about the injuries, he had no answers. Also, there was no chair or stool on which Parvati would have stepped on to reach the fan to hang herself. The dust on the fan was also intact and it had not bent even a few inches, which showed that it had been untouched. This made us suspicious and the postmortem report then confirmed Kapil’s involvement in the case. During investigation, the police also recorded the statements of the neighbours who said that Kapil had beaten up Parvati, just a few hours before she died. The two often quarrelled over not having a child.

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