MLA Amanatullah Khan Is New Head Of Delhi Waqf Board

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The Delhi Waqf Board has elected Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan as its chairman, nearly a year after the post fell vacant.Khan stated that his first priority would be to reclaim Waqf properties in the national capital that have been encroached upon by various persons and organisations. He added that several mosques in Delhi, under the Archaeological Survey of India and other bodies that do not allow prayers in their compound,will be requested to allow prayers since they were built as mosques and are left as ruins now. The AAP leader also outlined his plan to increase revenue for the board. There are 2,000 properties owned by the Waqf in Delhi and our income is Rs 7 lakh per month. Over 990 properties are encroached even after court orders to vacate those. He will push for these to be vacated and ensure an increase in revenue for the body. The Waqf will take a relook at its revenue and new rents, based on market rates, will be levied. The newly-instated chairperson also said that the Waqf will focus on the education of students prominently since regular schools sometimes apply discriminatory rules for admission in Muslim areas. Two months later, some Board members chose Rana Parween Siddiqui to the board, as chairperson. The meeting was not attended by chief executive officer S M Ali, elected member and Member of Parliament Parvez Hashmi and government member Azimul Haque.

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