Modi Government Removes 1159 Obsolete Laws Out Of The Book

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-05-19 12:30:00.0Category:  Developments
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The Modi government it seems is facing a lot of hurdles when it comes to forming new laws, however the government is facing no hurdles whatsoever when it comes to removing obsolete laws out of the book and constituency. While the previous successive governments were able to remove only 1301 outdated laws in the last 64 years, the Modi government has successfully dismissed 1159 obsolete and redundant laws in the last two years. 

More than two dozen of these laws belonged to the British era forcing me to think that no one really paid attention to these laws up till now. These British laws went out of fashion so to speak due to the fact that new laws were enacted in their place. RS had passed two such bills, repealing 1,053 Acts, during the recently concluded Budget session. While the passing of one -Appropriation Acts (Repeal) Bill 2015 -could repeal 758 old Appropriation Acts, the other one- Repealing and Amending (Third) Bill, 2015- could weed out the other 295 Acts.

via - Economic Times

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