Nigerian Singer Shares His Journey At Sa Re Ga MA Pa Kannada

By: Ado Abdulkadir, 2016-04-14 23:15:00.0Category:  Personalities
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Ado Abdulkadir, a Nigerian citizen competing in the 11th season of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (aired on Zee Kannada) has attracted thousands of fans from all parts the world. It is fascinating to see a foreigner learn the Kannada and Hindi language fluently within a short period of time. He talks about his journey in the competition and what attracted him learn more about the Indian language and culture.

How has your journey as a participant in the singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa season 11 been?

Journey of Zee Kannada Sa Re Ga Ma Pa season 11 has been a great and a memorable experience. I have completed 24 episodes so far in which I sang 11 Kannada songs and 1 Hindi song. The platform has given me more room to expand my music knowledge and also fulfill my dream. I have reached the final 9 in the competition. A very big thanks to Zee Kannada for giving me this opportunity. The journey is similar to how a student learns from his teacher and sits for the final exam. That is because every week I learn a new song and i perform in front of the judges. The judges and my mentors (Supriya, Sachin Prakash and co-contestants) have been nice to me. They helped me out in all aspects pertaining music and that gives me more energy to sing more. 

What is it like for a foreigner to compete in this tough competition?

Being a foreigner, it is a big challenge for me to compete with the local contestants. But the fact that I have so much of interest, love and respect for the language and also have made up my mind to take the challenge. Indian culture and tradition differ from Nigeria’s culture and traditions.

Many people are inspired by your efforts to learn Kannada language. What attracted you to Indian Culture?

I see the world as one big family, the only thing that separate us is the language, culture, religion and traditions. But I believe we are all from the same earth despite different languages and skin color. I chose to know more about Indian culture and tradition because it is similar to the Hausa Fulani culture in the northern part of Nigeria. This made me more attached to Indian culture, all these things gives me confidence to move forward. I wish to learn more about other countries culture and traditions also because learning other people's language, culture and traditions brings peace and harmony increase love between the two countries and also it makes communication easier.

Has your knowledge in  Indian music improved since you joined the competition?

Musically, before joining the competition I have got 20% knowledge before joining Sa Re Ga Ma Pa but now I have attained 60% of music knowledge and experience.  The Mandya town performance was my best, it was just so awesome because for the first time I perform with dancers in a live stage, it was a very a little bit difficult for me because singing and dancing along with dancers on stage is something I have never done, but so happy that it went successful. My journey in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is a dream come true journey and a memorable one, I have got a lot of fans, made new friends and am happy to say I came to India and had achieved this much and still achieving. I am thanking Almighty Allah for making my dream come true, special thanks to all the 3 judges (Rajesh Krishna, Arjun Janiya and Vijay Prakash) and all the staffs of Zee Kannada channel for their wonderful support. Please keep watching Sa Re Ga Ma Pa every Saturday and Sunday and don't forget to vote me by typing ADOA and send sms to 57575.


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