Now You Can Withdraw Money Through Micro ATM

By: Pranitha, 2016-03-02 04:30:00.0Category:  Developments
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Till now for withdrawing money you have to go ATM and for depositing cash also you have to go to bank. But soon you will be relieved from all these problems. Soon at home you will get micro ATM and through this you can withdraw and deposit money. Postman will give you this facility, this year twenty thousand Micro ATM will be given to postman, where as next year till March close to one lakh thirty thousand Micro ATM will be available. By September people will start benefiting from this facility. The special feature of Micro ATM is that the customer does not have to pay any charges. Telecom minister Sri Ravishankar Prasad has said that Micro ATM is a hand held equipment. This will be used more in villages, so it will be capable of charging using solar energy. The post man will be trained to use Micro ATM. Micro ATM will be connected to bank CBS system, by using Micro ATM you can deposit or withdraw money. Banks will also benefit. For the time being one lakh fifty five thousand post offices are there in our country and out of which big ATM are installed in one thousand post offices. Once Micro ATM reaches far off places, banks do not have to put ATMs in far off location and save money on additional security guards and staff.

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