OddEven 2.0: What Has Changed In The Next Iteration?

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The next phase of the Odd Even is officially here and people are fondly calling it OddEven 2.0 after the roaring success of the 1st limited tested phase in Delhi, Kejriwal and party received overwhelming response. Not only people appreciated his efforts, those who were allowed exemption under the rule also ended up following it.

When people adopt a rule even though they are legally exempted from it, that speaks a lot about how positive people are about the concept. Let us take a look at some things that have changed on both a micro and a macro level.

  • More than 5000 employees working in top MNCs and BPOs have enrolled themselves for the CNG shuttle services. Last time the number was just 3000. And the CNG shuttle office at FMG (Facility Management Zone) says that the number is likely to increase from Monday as the weekend is already here.
  • Over 15000 cars have installed CNG kits since the last time Odd Even rule was implemented. The number includes petrol as well as diesel models. Delhi hosts over 200 retrofitting centers in India who help with the fitting of CNG kits. This is because CNG is not only a cheaper alternative which is more eco-friendly, but they are also exempted from the rule. Most of the surge in conversion happened during the last 20-25 days as people realized that this is going to happen sooner than later. More than 25000 commercial cars and taxis were also converted to CNG as per court's orders. This brings the total to around 40,000 cars. The deadline was 31st March.
  • On the human resources front, 2000 traffic personnel and over 5000 civil defence volunteers have been deployed on the streets to make phase 2 a success. 580 enforcement officers have also been deployed. 200 key intersections have been identified by the traffic department where these personnel will be stationed.
  • "An enforcement plan has been chalked out under which the city has been divided into 11 zones for the implementation of the scheme. Each zone will have 10 sectors. One mobile enforcement team will operate in each sector," Transport Minister Gopal Rai told reporters on Thursday.
  •  AAP government has announced that the phase 2 of the traffic rationing scheme will the final and "decisive" in nature. Kejriwal also said that the government is considering implementing the rule every month for 15 days.
  • This time cars carrying children with school uniforms on are going to be exempted from the rule, however parents are not sure what happens when the car is going back to pick them up or coming back empty?
  • After the last Phase 1 failed to make any notable effects as far as climate was concerned, this time more private and government organizations are keeping a tab on the after effects of the rationing system, which by the way definitely helps in reducing congestion on the roads.

The general overall response on social media sites, especially Twitter was positive with people accepting the change and asking each other to follow the rule to the T. There were some exceptions like the former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit who said that the system is not working and that the government is fooling people into believing otherwise.

Source - HT & NDTV

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