Oorka, Striving To Connect To The Common Man

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The Tamil rock track 'Peraasai' from Oorka was the 'Track of the Week' at BBC Radio Asian Network on Ashanti Omkar's show on Sunday, 13th March 2016. Here is a short interview with the lead singer of Oorka, Bharath Shankar.

 Oorka getting ready to perform at the Elliot's beach and Thiruvanmiyur beach on 29th February

How was Oorka formed and how does your music connect to the common man?

Oorka was formed in 2014. It had its origins in a community of musicians. Our songs talk about day to day life that common man can relate too. Our approach to reach out to the common man is unconventional. We believe that Music shouldn’t be presented by middlemen, which is why we want to reach out to people directly. There are no planned venues or sets, and we spontaneously perform everywhere — from villages and suburbs to heritage sites and sandy beaches. We are going back to roots and native music. Our music is not about revolt. It’s about expanding horizons.

Many people would think that there has been many Tamil rock singles released, so how can you claim that it is the first Tamil rock album?

There have been Tamil rock singles before but not a proper album, we searched and found out that there hasn’t been an official album released that is only of Tamil rock tracks.

Why did you chose to go to Mudichur to launch your album?

Our debut album with nine tracks was launched on February 29th. On January 26th , Oorka had it’s first performance of their album songs in Mudichur. Our video Naan was shot in Mudichur. We distributed pamphlets to the locals which gave them information on how to listen to our songs or where they could buy the music. Our songs are in Soundcloud and in band camp as well. Mudichur was a flood-affected area. The event was collaborated with  Environmentalist Foundation of India. After the floods, the villagers had gone through a mental trauma. After our performance, we received a positive response from the villagers. It was a very simple thing we could to do reach out the people. We also put up posters about the Mudichur concert in several parts of Chennai.

Posters about Oorka’s performance in Mudichur being posted all parts of Chennai

What is the song 'Peraasai' about and now that the album is released what is Oorka's next move in the music scene?

'Peraasai' from the debut album was the 'Track of the Week' at BBC Radio Asian Network on Ashanti Omkar's show. 'Peraasai' means greed, and that’s what the song is about. We will be doing more on the spot shows wherever we travel and connect to more people in different villages. We also plan to perform shows outside India as well.  

Tapass Naresh, Jhanu Chanthar (JC) , Pradeep Kumar, Bharath Sankar (From left to right)

Oorka's music is available on:

Band Camp:https://oorka.bandcamp.com/

Website: www.oorkatheband.com  


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RavzWsc_XY ?

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