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An open letter by a troubled BPTP buyer giving details of the current condition and situation of the Park Serene Project in Sector 37D, Gurgaon, Developed under License No. LC NO-83/2008 dated-05-04-2008.
Subject: Issuance of Partial OC/ OC with Major Deficiencies in External Services in Project – Park Serene, Sector 37D, Gurgaon, Developed under License No. LC NO-83/2008 dated-05-04-2008, File ID: LC-1277A, Countrywide Promoters 37D COUNTRYWIDE GUR-37D RGH.
Dear Sir,
I have invested my life’s savings in the above project having paid 95% of cost by March 2011.I am facing difficulties chasing the builder to provide basic essential services to make the flats habitable before giving us possession. The possession has been delayed by over 5 years.
The possession certificate by the authorities has been withheld due to the following deficiencies: -
a)   Extreme Shortage of Water Supply: The availability of water is inadequate to cater to the requirements of the occupants. A mere 2-inch pipeline connection has been provided against the requirement of a minimum 8-inch. BPTP in their application to SE HUDA in March 2015 have already admitted this fact.
b)   Inadequate Power Supply: Against the assessed requirements of 5 MVA power supply, a temporary 125 KVA only has been made available.
c)   Passing of 66 KV OH HT Lines Through the Colony: A high-tension 66KV power line is running through the central courtyard of the society which is a safety hazard for the inhabitants.
d)    Parking Green Area   Proper parking (as per the Agreement) for all residents and green area are some of the other deficiencies that the builder is yet to work on for completion. Parking area is away from the main residential blocks with no direct access to the lifts and with no escalators provided.
e)   Miscellaneous Issues: Shops and Community Centre do not appear to have been even conceived by the builder. The builder has not completed the basic services that include Sewage System, Fire Fighting System, Garbage Disposal System, Street Lighting, Parks and Play Ground.
f)    EDC & Additional EDC Charges: These have been paid by us to the builder by 2011, but we do not see any traces of substation building, transformers and switchgears on site. The builder has not deposited the money with the concerned Govt. Department (confirmation obtained thru RTI).
The builder has applied for partial OC of four towers to the local Authorities at Gurugram. You would appreciate that the flats can be habitable only after provisioning of basic essential services mentioned above. Moreover, since all the buyers have paid the builder at the same time, it would be desirable to impress upon the builder to complete work on the remaining towers before the full OC is issued. Our concern is that after the partial OC is issued, the work on the remaining towers will be delayed considerably. This concern is based on our experience with BPTP who have failed in keeping their commitments to us as well as to the authorities and are not keen on delivering the project anytime in the near future. Also, that the occupants of the completed towers will suffer due to inadequate facilities as mentioned above.
We would earnestly urge that minimum essential services as follows be ensured before issue of clearance for grant of partial OC:
a)   External Water Supply: Provision of an 8-inch water pipeline connection. The Builder had applied for it with the SE HUDA circle II on 30 JUL 2015. However, there is no progress on ground.
b)   Power Supply: Commissioning of 5 MVA substation and allied facilities towards the power requirement of the consumers. Builder had applied for the same to SE OP circle DHBVN GGN on 09 Oct 2015. However, there is no progress on ground.
c)   Removal of 66 KV HT OH Power Line from the premises by shifting it to underground trench already built by the builder. However, shifting of the live cables has still not been carried out.
d)   Sewage System: Work on providing proper sewage system for the society may be expedited.
2.           During several rounds of meetings held with ATP, DC and the representatives of the company, there was a firm commitment by the company that they would work towards fixing the above deficiencies before they applied for an OC. But nothing has happened on the ground and all the above deficiencies continue to exist.
3.           We also understand that local STP Authorities at Gurgaon are inclined to give partial OC based on flimsy commitment from HUDA’s local engineering authority in Gurgaon. In fact, they had given a certificate to the effect that all essential services are available way back in 2014/2015, despite the above major deficiencies as on date. We would request you to look into this personally to ascertain our contentions and concerns.
4.           Therefore, we request your personal intervention in this regard as follows:
a)   To direct the STP Authorities in Gurgaon to process partial OC/OC on confirmation and physical verification of minimum essential requirement of Electricity and Water are met and the flats are in habitable condition. Also that the sewage system is built and functional for all the inhabitants.
b)   We would request that a review/ re-assessment/ re-inspection of habitability of the project be carried out in the presence of RWA of our society in case the process of issuance of partial OC has been initiated. This will ensure that all external services are completed, tested and operational, before issuance of the Part or full Occupation Certificate.
c)   If not ensured now, the external services will never get completed & the residents stuck with half completed accommodation.
d)   The builder be instructed to complete the remaining three towers as allowing occupation of four towers while labour activity will happen in three towers is unsafe and undesirable.
I sincerely hope that you would appreciate my concerns and the concerns of over three hundred other buyers (mostly soldiers who also have booked flats in the same project) who have served the nation for long tenures and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives with their families in peace in their own flats.
Thanking You, 
 BPTP Buyer

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