Opinion: Ishrat Jahan-UPA Compromised With National Security

By: Panduranga Bhat, 2016-04-22 05:15:00.0Category:  Issues & Concerns
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Though never been an admirer of anyone in Gandhi family - exception being Indira and Nehru in parts, even in my wildest dream, I never thought Congress will stoop to the extent of compromising the national security by fudging the affidavit and torturing RAW and IB officers to give false testimony. Political maneuver to stop your opponent by forming unholy alliances, though sad, is at least doesn't compromise the national security, incompetence of Govt formed by such alliance is a separate debate.



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Chidambaram's explanations are as logical as Sibbal's zero loss theory. So those who voted for Modi, support him completely. If congress has gone to the extent of compromising India's national security and our fight against ISI sponsored terror, there must be something in this person that they are scared of.

And those, who were arguing with me before 2014 about Ishrat Jahan, Truth is in the open now, everybody except Congress ecosystem believes she was a out on a mission against state of India

And please, don't tell me, what if she were a terrorist , she needed fair trial", you were jubilant when the current US president announced that he ordered neutralizing Laden (and I am proud of him for doing it). You didn't have " human rights" concerns back then. Wake up from your slumber



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