Opnion: Should The UK Really Be Thinking Of Leaving EU

By: Louisa, 2016-05-07 18:06:21.0Category:  People's Voice
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This once in a lifetime opportunity for making one of the biggest decision for the UK leaving the EU is now taking place once again.  Will the UK decide to pack it's bags or stay in?

In the author's individual opinion. The possible affects for leaving the EU is that it could affect health care for people abroad in countries such as France, a possibility of trades between countries being affected and the NHS care could also be affected in a dramatic way also for those receiving free care. But is it worth it?  Some have say yes it's worth the chance for leaving the EU however; it could prove to be the wrong decision. Furthermore; it could be a bad decision as it may possibly affect how other systems work for example it could potentially affect the payments people get from the government. This being said no one is really going to be sure of what will happen to the current systems in place. However; this could be a good change overall as it can shake up new systems and possibly change the national minimum wage.

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