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Why Is Equality So Hard To Achieve?

3-E , Ghatkopar West, Mumbai : Shreya shares her opinion about equality in a stereotypical indian household.

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Should The Age Limit For Writing UPSC Exams Be Lowered?

New Delhi : Mridul Mishra gives his opinion about whether the age limit for writing UPSC exams should be lowered.

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Is Marriage The End To Your Career?

Gurgaon, Haryana : Ojasvi Soni Das shares her experience of her married life and how she managed to chase her dreams and facing all odds because of her supportive spouse.

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Why Women's Entry In Sabarimala Should Not Be A Legal Issue

Delhi : PKV Pillai reasons why the ban on women's entry in sabarimala temple should not be considered a legal or constitutional issue.

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      NGO Files Petition Against Amazon For Promoting Hunting

      Defence colony, Delhi:Hunting is banned not only in India but also across the globe. In the early days of mankind, it was an activity that was deemed necessary as it provided men with food and clothes. Now things are different. But Amazon was recently found selling ancient wildlife specimens as well hunting equipments.