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Nigerian National Ado Stars In Punch Kajayya (PK)

Karnataka, India : Former Sa Re Ga Ma Kannada contestant and Nigerian National Ado Abdulkadir will be starring in his first his serial movie Punch Kajayya (PK) in Udaya TV. Punch Kajjaya, is a comedy show where every episode has a new story and a concept. The story revolves around five characters of a family. Story of 5 members of an unusual/unique family. A funny and ever romantic dad, stubborn mom, wanna-be scientist son, his beauty parlour owner wife and a Facebook addict daughter.

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Rajni Fan That Bakes Rajnikanth Cakes Every Year In Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria : Every year Elvis and his Nigerian co-workers make a Rajnikanth cake every for special occasions such as Rajnikanth's birthday and the time of his new movie releases. 

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Iyki Dez Dedicates A Single To Super Star Rajnikanth

Delhi, India : Iyki Dez is an English pop and rap singer, dancer from Chennai, India. Who is a doctor and having extreme passion towards singing and song writing. Now She has again joined hands with Dezan Cap in his TAMIL ALBUM - PRIDE in which the first single is dedicated to Indian superstar Rajnikanth.

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Jai: Actor By Profession, Racer By Passion

Madras Motor Race Track : Balaji Moorthy interviews with popular Tamil actor Jai Sampath Kumar about his passion for motor sports. He is the second actor after Ajith Kumar to also pursue a career in motor sports.

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