Rising Sea Level Poses A Risk To 40 Million Indian Lives

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-05-21 05:30:00.0Category:  Awareness
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According to a more recent report from the United Nations, more than 40 million Indians are at potential risk from rising sea levels. by the year 2050. Cities like Mumbai and Kolkatta are at more risk due to coastal flooding. Coastal flooding means rapid increase in population due to economic growth and urbanization. 

The Global Environmental Outlook 6 report states that on a global level, South and Southeast Asia and Pacific are going to be the worst effected area. The results are based on the initial report however this is not the first time such a report has been published by a major institution. There are 10 countries which are  in immediate danger in the near future, 7 of those countries are located in South Asia. 

If nothing is done before that catastrophe hits, millions of people will have to relocate to different countries or even continents. Several may lose their lives. Talking about India and neighboring countries, the report said that as many as 40 million people are at risk in India while Bangladesh, a relatively small country poses a risk to over 25 million people, China stands at 20 million while Philippines stands at 15 million.

Asia is a fast developing region which is the prime reason cited in the report of resettlement of large number of families in that area leading to an increased risk. The report said that in many coastal areas, growing urban settlements have also affected the ability of natural coastal systems to respond effectively to extreme climate events,rendering them more vulnerable.

The UN Environmental Assembly has been organized in Nairobi and will be taking place next week. The report was recently  published in order to help the participants to prepare with their respective speech and a counter measure plan.

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