'Rocket' Fit And Back In Action

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The sad demise of Shaktiman, the Uttarakhand Police force horse who died in the line of duty shook the Nation. But here is the story of a four legged hero that ended happily. 'Rocket' who played an important role at the Pathankot IAF airbase attack during the counter-terror operations is back in action. The National Security Guard's K-9 unit's expert assault and sniffer dog had received grievous injuries during the attack. He was in treatment for months and is now all set to be recommended for a "gallantry award".

Rocket, specializing in detecting human presence, explosives and improvised explosive devices had helped security forces in establishing the presence of the attackers at the IAF base on January 4. On the morning of January 4, there was a huge fire in one of the airmen's billet and the high temperature made it impossible for Black Cat commandos to go inside the building. Since a lot of human lives were lost already, it was decided to not risk any more human lives. This is when the NSG decided to put Rocket's services to use. Rocket went inside the building and came back with a burnt pouch in his mouth. The pouch confirmed the presence of terrorists, thus giving the NSG's an insight to the situation. Rocket received burn injuries on his paws and forehead while contributing to the operation. Sources say that  Rocket's name has now been recommended for a gallantry award.

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