Role Of NGOs In Protection Of Environment In India

By: Natasha Mahesh, 2016-05-08 15:30:00.0Category:  Awareness
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NGOs have greater acceptability worldwide because of their dedication and transparent policies. In India NGO's are involved in the whole spectrum of developmental activities relating to environmental protection from creating environment awareness to watershed development, from disaster management to sustainable development and so on. 
These are the following constraints which can be addressed:
1. The government should provide access to accurate and timely data to NGOs to promote the effectiveness of their programs and activities. 
2. NGOs need government's support to design out an effective implementation strategy. 
3.Partnership should be encouraged between local authorities and NGOs by the government.
4.Government needs to ensure the right of non governmental organisations that is NGOs to protect the public interest through legal actions as NGOs often fail to stick to their plans.
5. Government's intervention is required in formulation of flexible fundraising policies with minimum red-tapeism as scarcity of funds is a major constraints for NGOs. 

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